Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Motifs: Vines

There are several different ways that vines might show up as part of a design. In some cases, they can act like a geometric pattern, offering a background against which other motifs might play. In other cases, it may be that the leaves most commonly found growing on vines are the central motif. I've got some examples of each, and how and when they are worn depends, of course, on season and occasion.

Fuji (wisteria) is a sort of vine, and the tendrils of flower and leaves often make for lovely designs!
The swatch above is from a tan (roll of fabric) that I found in Savers and have since made into a hitoe kimono. The cool colors and flow of the pattern make it ideal for spring, especially here in California where spring can sometimes feel like summer.

Grape-leaf haori paired with bias-striped kimono.

Back view and close-up shot of haori. Having the ivy as a background was purely coincidental.
We've seen this autumnal ensemble before, when we were looking at stripes as a motif, but now I want to focus on the haori. The warm orange serves as the background for a scattering of grape leaves and tendrils. It's a little 'dressier' than some of my other haori, as the dark leaves are done with a thread that has a sort of metallic sheen to them. Paired with the not-at-all embellished kimono, it really has a chance to shine.

Tomorrow will be a double-feature for motifs, both of which are quite versatile! I hope my kind readers tune in tomorrow when we discuss: Waves and Wheels


  1. That first piece is so pretty! Not that the others aren't, but I'm partial to the colors.

    A Bit to Read

    1. Thank you so much! I wish I'd been able to find a good photo of the finished garment-- this one really doesn't do it justice!