Saturday, April 16, 2016

Motifs: Nadeshiko (Pinks)

Delicate and frilled, nadeshiko are (like so many of the flowers we've seen so far) best worn in the spring and summer months. It should be no surprise, then that my two best examples are found on yukata.

Swatch of yukata covered with nadeshiko blossoms.

I was surprised to find that I didn't have any examples of this yukata being worn-- it's another one of my favorites, particularly for obon practices. It's made of a lightweight cotton, so it is comfortable for wearing on warm summer evenings and the festive colors make it a very striking piece.

My other yukata is a little more subdued, and nadeshiko are not the only flower to be found in the patterning.

The nadeshiko are on the sleeves in this photo; there are also bell-flowers.
We saw this yukata before, when we were talking about Linear motifs (in this case, we were clearly using the obi for the example). When I am pairing pieces, I do like to have a little bit of color carrying from one piece to the other to keep some sort of cohesive sense to the ensemble as a whole. It can be difficult, though, because you can run the risk of having too much of the same thing in the ensemble. With this pairing, the mauve of the obi is reflected only subtly in the tinting of some of the flowers. so the pieces are complimentary without one overpowering the other.

When I am dressing in kimono, I take a lot of things into consideration but when I try to do this with western fashion, I feel like I fall short. I admire those of you who can pair accessories with an ensemble to create a visual spark and hope that you might share some of your success stories in the comments!

Tomorrow's motif, Origami (Paper-folding) is another 'manufactured' motif and I hope you join me to read about this whimsical offering.

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