Friday, April 8, 2016

Motif: Grasses (Nowaki)

A soft pattern of waving grasses, paired with a muted geometric obi
Grass motifs are most appropriate for late winter and early spring, as well as most of autumn. Remember that kimono come from a place that experiences a 'four seasons' climate of cold winters, blooming springs, warm summers and fading autumns, and the guidelines for kitsuke are intended to reflect and compliment that.

Despite it's seasonal limitations, patterns featuring grasses can still be quite versatile. They work as a good canvas for showcasing any special little pieces you might have as accessories, like in the ensemble below:

Not quite a front view, but showing off the wool
shawl with sashiko plum-blossoms.
Back view with decidedly non-standard obi
musubi and kanzashi.
In my efforts to keep my commentary limited to items that are present in my own collection, it means that there are several motifs where I have only one solid representative. This seems to be one such case, even after scouring my collection. If my kind readers have images of any items with appropriate patterning they would like to share, they are most welcome to do so! I love to see the pieces that others have come to treasure, because there is always so much vibrancy to them.

Tomorrow, we'll be visiting a motif for which I have MANY examples, as it's come to be one of my personal favorites, right up there with asanoha-- Hydrangeas (Ajisai)!

P.S. I might have volunteered to do an emergency post for my dear friend Eclectic Alli. Her A-to-Z blog challenge is all about places we've been, and I was happy to fill in G for Gettysburg. Be sure to have a look around while you're there!

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