Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Motifs: Diamonds (Hishi)

Diamond motifs are another one of those delightful geometric motifs which, on their own are not confined to any one season or occasion. Like other geometric patterns, diamonds can appear on its own or paired with other motifs to create a more seasonally-specific inspired look.

My first two examples are of yukata, so one will likely want to consider summery motifs to pair with them. Popular choices might be dragonflies, fans (uchiwa-- the round 'paddle' fans are most appropriate) or hydrangea.

This women's yukata is not STRICTLY a diamond motif as it might be a little closer to a woven pattern with the cross-hatched look.

This is a men's yukata and right away you can see that the patterning is more geometric and has a less in the way of visual interest.
There are many variations on this motif, the most common being 'hanabishi' or a diamond-shaped flower. In the next example, you can see it used as an accent to the more dominant pattern of chrysanthemums in a Nagoya obi.

The hanabishi appear in green. This is just one example of how hanabishi can appear in more complex designs.

Full view of the obi as part of an ensemble put together for an autumnal outing.
In the above example, you can see that the hanabishi really aren't prominent in the overall look, but there's no doubting that they add a certain amount of visual appeal. The green also harmonizes nicely with the hints of green in the subdued hues of the kimono.

Today's motif can be found in masculine and feminine garments, but tomorrow's motif, Eagles (Washi) are decidedly masculine. I hope you'll come back tomorrow when I discuss this noble motif!

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